DAVWIRE's one-piece-flow production controls greatly reduce the risk of increasing inventory holdings and stopped production

Fulfilling a new requirement in the medical sector, DAVWIRE helped a new imaging systems start-up develop their production process and refine their products. This was an excellent opportunity to introduce one-piece-flow production controls that greatly reduced the risk of increasing inventory holdings and stopped production due to ever-changing product requirements. The ability to control the inventory and configuration in this highly charged environment allows the customer to grow the business and develop new offerings with greatly reduced risks. This customer was acquired by an American giant in the industry and the work was transitioned into their own facilities. DAVWIRE managed this changeover and continues to support with our knowledge and expertise.

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DAVWIRE specializes in the manufacture of power distribution and vehicle system control panels, wire harnesses and electro-mechanical assemblies. We also deliver manufacturing solutions consisting of customer designed build-to-print items and in-house designs to a variety of clients in the aerospace and defence industries as well as health sciences that utilize similar requirements.
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