Who we are

Founded in 2003, DAVWIRE has become a leading design and development firm specializing in mechatronic systems for a variety of industries.

Initially, DAVWIRE specialized in the manufacture of wire harnesses, box builds, and electro-mechanical assemblies; quickly establishing a reputation for quality and innovation in the aerospace and defense industries.

Since then, DAVWIRE has expanded its engineering capabilities to provide design and development services to our customers. Leveraging our extensive manufacturing experience and engineering expertise, we provide our customers with rapid engineering solutions that meet their unique needs and manufacturing requirements.

The technological challenges faced by our customers have become increasingly complex. To support our customers, DAVWIRE is actively researching advanced polymer dielectrics for use in challenging applications. Drawing on our research and manufacturing experience, DAVWIRE has grown our capability to include the design and development of specialized test and measurement equipment. Our multi-disciplinary team offers a range of innovation support to provide our customers with solutions to meet their unique needs.

Our passion for quality, flexibility, and innovation enables our customers to push the boundaries.

DAVWIRE's Core Values


DAVWIRE is founded on the basic philosophy of achieving customer satisfaction by delivering products and services that continually satisfy customer expectations.


Using a variety of state-of-the-art software applications and our extensive manufacturing experience, DAVWIRE’s Engineering Department has a proven track record of solving unique challenges through innovative design, development, and fabrication capabilities.


Flexibility is one of DAVWIRE’s core values. We have invested in an ECAD/MCAD software solution that allows us to go directly from design models to production tooling, control documents, and to maintain configuration control while doing it. This fits well with our Lean Production Processes and reduces the waste while allowing DAVWIRE to be flexible to our customer’s ever-changing needs.


DAVWIRE’s WSIB-approved Health & Safety program evolves continually to ensure the overall mental and physical health & welfare of our staff.  Our regular safety training includes everything from mental health awareness to understanding how human factors affect safety and performance in the aviation industry.