Design & Development

Our advanced Design & Development ability is certified under our ISO9001, AS9100 scope of approval.

DAVWIRE has the proven ability to Design and Develop Mechatronic solutions for our customers as well as for our own Research & Development projects. With an Engineering staff that includes a leader with a Masters in Mechatronics, we have contributed significantly to the industry solutions that have provided remote control of mobile platforms, test capabilities for the Aerospace industry and monitoring systems.
Cable assemblies
Multi-branch wire harnesses
RF coaxial cables
RJ/ethernet cables
Control panels for mobile platforms land, sea & air (i.e., instrument panels, informational displays, power control)
Remote control systems for mobile platforms
3D CAD: Fusion 360
2D CAD: DraftSight
Electrical CAD: Eagle
Software version control: Git
Instrument control and data acquisition: LabVIEW, Python, C, VB.NET
Data processing: Python
Microcontroller development: PIC, Atmel, NXP
Communication debugging: Pulse View Electronic lab notebook: eLabFTW
Reference Management: Zotero
Programatic 3D CAD: OpenSCAD

Why choose us.

DAVWIRE specializes in the manufacture of power distribution and vehicle system control panels, wire harnesses and electro-mechanical assemblies. We also deliver manufacturing solutions consisting of customer designed build-to-print items and in-house designs to a variety of clients in the aerospace and defence industries as well as health sciences that utilize similar requirements.
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