Design & Development

DAVWIRE provides design and development solutions tailored to meet our customers’ needs. Our integrated model-based approach delivers efficient adaptable design solutions for interconnected products. By incorporating customer-supplied models and digital twins (mock-ups), we are easily able to accommodate unique requirements and can react quickly to design changes. We combine our extensive manufacturing experience and model driven engineering process to optimize manufacturability during the design stage, reducing cost and time-to-market.


Integrated ECAD/MCAD software
Design for manufacture
Rapid prototyping
Electronic hardware development
Software development

Core Competencies

Cable assembly (multi-branch, RF, communication)
Control and instrument panels for mobile platforms
Power supply and distribution
Automated test equipment (QA and design verification)
Scientific instrumentation (electromechanical)
Measurement and control software development

Past Projects

Design & Development
Remote Display
Design & Development
Battery Pack Adapter
Design & Development
Power Distribution Unit
Design & Development