Research & Development

DAVWIRE is developing advanced dielectrics for challenging applications and has expanded its expertise to include scientific instrumentation, material science, and additive manufacturing. We specialize in the formulation and characterization of dielectrics for advanced applications. Because DAVWIRE developed instruments to support these R&D efforts, we can now offer instruments to help customers innovate in their sectors such as space and aviation. Our knowledgeable team of scientists and technicians provide reliable, cost-effective equipment and analytical services.

Polarization and Resistivity Measurement System


Volume resistivity measurements (ASTM D257)
Surface resistivity Measurement (ASTM D257)
Electrical hysteresis measurement
High voltage contact charging
Controlled humidity test chamber

Integrated High-Voltage Charging and Surface Charge Measurement Suite


Corona charging - triode configuration
Impulse charging
Isothermal charge decay
Variable humidity test chamber

Pulsed Electroacoustic Measurement System


Space charge measurement in dielectrics and insulators
High electric field insulation development
Electric charge mobility research

Wet Laboratory


Formulation, synthesis, sample preparation
High shear mixing
Vacuum pump & chamber
Piezoelectric d33 measurement (quasi-static)